My Life

And Oh What A Life It Is

Never Forget
17 December 1985
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About me

I'm 26 (27 on December 17th 2012 at 3:11pm)
I'm occassionally mental
Fiercely loyal
I love my friends more than life
I barely ever forgive
I never forget
I have obsessions with certain things, like salted popcorn
I love routine, I live for lists
I work way too damn hard
I play harder
I love men

I won't allow myself to love,
The luxury of it burns through my veins like acid,
Scarring me with eternal vengeance,
Hot and fiery,
Like the passions I leave behind.
I won't allow myself to sleep,
to think of you subconsciously,
Mingling with my dreams,
Warm and solid,
Like the way you melted into my arms.
I won't allow myself to see you,
for fear of holding myself back from the feelings I try to resist.
I won't allow myself to listen,
should your words strike the unseen chords of my fragile heartstrings.
I won't allow myself to speak,
should my words tell you more than I want to let go,
should my voice crack under the pressure,
should my eyes fill with unwanted sadness,
or should tears fall from betraying eyes.
And most of all,
I won't allow myself to love you,
won't allow my fingers to stroke your skin,
graze your cheek,
won't allow my thoughts to wander to your taste,
your touch, your smell.
I won't allow myself to love you,
and I won't allow you to love me.

A poem I wrote...

Here's some of my favourite quotes:

♥Every once in awhile, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale♥

♥And while I'm able, I think I'll label experience with you as a mistake♥

♥He was too good to be forgotten, what more can I say?♥

♥Tripped on a kiss and stumbled into love♥

♥Love is for poets, dreamers and fools♥

♥You know when you looked at me today? I looked into your eyes and thought you saw things my way♥

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